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CSTAT Main Office has moved to 100 Giltner Hall

Due to our growth as a department, CSTAT has been granted additional office space in Giltner Hall and has been in the process of remodeling the space to make the best use of it to meet our needs and those of our clients. Our main office has moved from 178 Giltner to 100 Giltner Hall, just to the right of the Main Entrance.

We have just completed the remodeling of Room 178 to accommodate 5 private offices for our Consultants to have private meeting space with their clients. In addition to room 178, we have rooms 179 and 180 as office space for our staff. Room 152 is scheduled to be remodeled to provide a much needed conference room as well as Graduate Student work space.

We appreciate our clients very much and know that these remodels will better meet the needs of our staff and our clients, and we appreciate your patience with this process.

CSTAT has updated their website

Hello, you may have noticed that we have updated our website!  It has the same content but with our new Logo, and some new background mechanics, security, and stability.  If things look a little weird on your screen, or if you are still seeing our old page, you may have to clear your browsing history for the new site to load.

The biggest thing you may notice aside from the color and logo, is how you register for CSTAT Workshops.  When you register, you will be prompted for your MSU NetID.  Once you are in, you are able to register for multiple workshops in one single registration, you will also be able to Cancel your registrations on your own!

If you do not have an MSU NetID, and you are visiting from outside of MSU, please call CSTAT and we can add you to the workshops of your choice manually.

Thank you!

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